Combining quilt tops on one back.

Quilts less than 3,000 sq inches (50 by 60) are $45 for simple pantograph pattern.  More than one quilt may be placed on one backing with the following restrictions:

  The backing may not be wider than 112-inches (included 8 inches wider than top).   

   Each top less than 1,000 square inches will be a minimum of 2 cents per sq inch.

  All tops will use the same thread color. 


Minimum charge of $45

Basic Meander or Simple Pantograph Patterns                 
$.015 per square inch

Designer Edge  to Edge to complement the mood of the quilt
$. 02 - .03 per square inch

Edge to Edge with a Separate Border Pattern
$.02 to $.03 per square inch

Custom Blocks and Borders and Stitch in the Ditch
$.025 to $.05 per square inch

Custom Plus - Outlining of applique, Free-hand background fill
$.06 to $.10 per square inch

Basting for Hand Quilting
$.005 per square inch


To Calculate Square Inch

width in inches times length in inches = square inch  (50-inches wide by 70 inches long = 50 * 70 = 3500 square inches)

 To Calculate Quilting Estimate 

 square inches times price per square inch = cost
  (3500 square inches * $.015 (simple pattern) = $52.50

Actual quilting costs are provided PRIOR to your quilt accepted.

Payment is due at the time of pick up

or prior to my mailing if mailed.

Specialty thread charges for variegated, metallic only.  No charge for solid thread colors. 

Backing and Batting available to purchase. 

Backing:  I tear your backings on the straight of the grain so they are square and ready for quilting.

Batting is sold by the inch to minimize cost and waste.